Wax Poetics
10/10/12 3:38 pm
Check out Wax Poetics Issue 23 to read the cover feature on the making of Rick James's Street Songs:
South Park
10/08/12 4:00 pm
14 years ago, Rick James made a special guest appearance on the "Chef Aid" episode of South Park. He also contributed a song to the Chef Aid soundtrack titled, "Love Gravy" which you can listen to here...  MORE >>
Fun Flashback
10/05/12 2:22 pm
Rick James played "Love Gun" and "Fool On the Street" on The Midnight Special on October 5, 1979.
Quote of the Day
10/03/12 2:31 pm
"I had always been a free spirit, and always gotten what I wanted."
Funk Master
10/01/12 2:35 pm
Let's get real about Rick James: This man was a FUNK MASTER.
Trivia Answer
09/28/12 7:21 am
The B-side of the Mary Jane Single is, "Dream Maker".   MORE >>
09/26/12 7:23 am
40 years ago today, the single "Mary Jane" was released. What was the B-side track?  MORE >>
09/24/12 4:15 pm
Rick James & Grace Jones from the 25th Grammy Awards.   MORE >>
Rick James History
09/19/12 1:52 pm
This week in 1983, Dinah dubs Rick James the "punkiest funker" during his "Love Gun" performance with The Stone City Band on the hit show Dinah.  MORE >>

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